2023/08/21 posted in  User Support


Anywhere in the application 

  • Ctrl + N: Create a new card
  • Ctrl + F: Find text within all your cards
  • F1: Show help (this screen)
  • F5: Synchronize and refresh application screen
  • F7: Hide or show navigation pane
  • F8: Hide or show calendar widget
  • F9: Hide or show canvas pane

Within a list of cards 

  • H: Highlight
  • A: To Do, Not Queued
  • Q: To Do, Queued
  • D: Done
  • Z: Archive
  • T: Add to Today’s Agenda
  • N: Create a new card
  • Shift + N: Create a new copy of the select card
  • U or F2: Edit or update the selected card
  • T: Pin selected cards to do Today
  • M: Mark selected cards as must be done Today; or flip it back
  • X: Mark selected cards as done; or flip it back to not done
  • Alt + Up: Move cards into the group above
  • Alt + Down: Move cards into the group below
  • Alt + Left: Decrease due by, make selected cards due sooner
  • Alt + Right: Increase due by, make selected cards due later
  • D: Change or set due date on selected cards
  • P: Postpone or move due date on selected cards by a specified number of days
  • F: Find text within the currently displayed list of cards
  • Delete: Delete the card permanently
  • ? (Shift + /): Show help (this screen)

While creating or updating a card (in the card editing panel) 

  • Enter: (OK) Finish editing and go back into card list
  • Ctrl + Enter: Finish editing and continue creating more cards
  • Alt + Enter: Finish editing and open card in new window of its own

While finding text in cards (in the find panel) 

  • Esc: Clear the search text; Or close the find window if there is no search text