Why are we building PursuitPal?

We envision a world where everyone lives their lives to their fullest potential and realizes the best version of themselves.

We believe that each one of us has the potential to pursue their dreams. However, many amongst us live an unfulfilling life because we are too busy or too distracted to actually focus on ourselves. Especially due to our modern digital lifestyles which is always connected, continually intriguing, and addictively distracting.

So we want to empower every individual with a mindset to focus on themselves, with tools to pursue their dream life, and with resources that maximize their odds of success.

Our commitment

We are committed to building a personal effectiveness service that empowers its users advance in their life’s quests, by continually guiding them through personal practices that are essential for living an intentional life, and by providing easy access to strategic resources that maximizes their ability to succeed.

We will:

  • Design methodologies that work for you and make the pursuit of ambitions intuitive, easy, and fun. Approach your life’s ambitions in a structured manner and enjoy long-term personal planning, tracking weekly and daily tasks, and organizing notes and information towards a pre-defined purpose. Evangelize about self-actualization, stimulate self-awareness, bolster self-efficacy, and enhance your productivity.
  • Deliver our services via our personal effectiveness app, which is affordable and accessible to the broadest audience by delivering it via native apps on all major mobile platforms and personal computing OSs. We develop software tools you will love using with purpose-driven software development. Every feature we build is to help you succeed. No gimmicky bells and whistles. We leverage AI to make you work smarter.”
  • Make strategic resources accessible to the broadest audience by delivering it through popular social media platforms. We catalog the best-known sources of knowledge and connect you to people with experience.
  • Be your concierge in making big things happen in your life and make it personal by offering real-life in-person community experiences.
  • Implement the highest standard of ethics and practices and protect our users privacy and information security.

Our Story

Do you feel there is a large gap between the outcomes your desire from your life’s efforts and the results you actually get, in spite of planning a lot, working hard, and striving strong? Have you tried self-help books, life hack methodologies, and motivational seminars, only to see the benefits last a few months?

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